Sunday, March 2, 2014

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About Me: 
Hi, I'm Jedda and I'm a mother of 4 children and the Director of  I've been creating fun, hands-on camps for kids for many years.  I am motivated by my own children's desire to learn through making and creating.  My children love attending the camps I create too, so I don't usually do a repeat of a Camp.  If you see a Camp you want to do, don't miss it--because I will probably only offer it once!

My Maker Camps are popular with parents and children because they provided a wonderful mix of learning, creating, making, and fun!  They are skills-based camps and we work with a variety of materials and projects including hand and machine sewing, painting, clay, paper craft, jewelry making, hammer, measuring...really too many to name!

Many Camps I offer fill within a matter of hours, and regular Camp attendees are anxious for the next Camp to be announced!  I love to see the confidence of the children grow as they finish their project and feel the satisfaction and validation that comes from finishing and doing great work.

I've taught many classes including owning a dance studio for 15 years. I also graduated in Piano Performance from BYU and have had a Piano Studio in my home for nearly 2 decades. I'm an experienced teacher and really enjoy creating and doing projects that provide hands-on learning. I offer a variety of camps--including Summer Camps and one-day camps--as well as birthday parties so that children have regular opportunities to learn, make and grow their skills and confidence in their abilities.  

We're looking forward to building skills and confidence together. I hope you can join us!